Christian Hartmann

Christian Hartmann


I use the Eri system in my practice of Naturopathy during last six years daily in analytical and therapeutic references to get results related to body functions and emotional problems. Just under a minute, the Eri system analyzes the dynamic fields of the body, which are generated by the electrons and stores them in a large data bank. It is similar to an electrical hologram of the body. In Eri system are thousands of database imagines, which are referred to as markers. Each marker represents a particular object or condition, which is available as a baseline for the comparative analysis . By spectral analysis of minute electrical field, changes are detected in the signal structure and thus deviations from the normal state of an oscillation, which are set by the system in the markers calculated.

For me it is always amazing how precise the evaluation of the current condition of the patient is reflected. By conducting evaluations with the Eri system I can help the individual to fight the diseases.

Example on how Eri could help in particular conditions: An evaluation of a structural disorder (for example, the diaphragm) which related to a dysfunction in the heart; which further affects the central nervous system and eventually expresses itself in sleep and hormonal problems in the patient.

Another example could be that a fungal load in the gut affects the mental stability of a patient or that a shock years later developed physically to type 2 diabetes or Parkinson's disease.

A large amount of data is collected automatically by the Eri system. This gives the user an overview, which is useful for further investigation. The analysis are reliable and priorities physical imbalances are also reflected in subsequent measurements.

For me the Eri is a valuable tool to control the therapeutic course, to improve and to show complex relationships of clinical trials and to treat successfully.