Dr. Mayer János

Dr. Mayer János


I started to work with Eri system in August of 2006.

In my private orthopedic practice I used the Eri as specialist for Hungarian national weightlifting sports team.

The program which is implemented into the Eri system,  you can quickly learn and use. The program allows the analysis of the entire organism of the human body and matching the best treatments. Registrations of background electric fields of the organism is reliable and repeated with results fluctuating no more than 25% over a longer period of time. Eri analysis is based on the dynamic processes in the body (atoms and molecules) and reflected in the background electric fields, so one examination will show current status of health. Because of the dynamic properties of the analysis the results may not be 100% identical. The advantage of the system is to speed up the diagnostic process, but evaluation requires experience and general knowledge of the user’s field of medicine.

In my opinion, interpretation and evaluation of the findings of adept it requires great experience and one has to be an expert. When evaluating assisted living communication with patients. Repeat test is useful in live contact with the patient, where it can be treated and therapeutic effects can be verified with the available auxiliary examinations of patients (blood pressure, blood glucose, feelings – being e.t.).

In one of the periods, I examined 206 patients out of which 57 were healed. In sports I helped 115 patients to diagnose and to treat. With 37 I applied the Eri system. To my knowledge, credibility general prognostic diagnosis is 80%, while the effect of treatment 90 to 95%. The diagnostic efficiency of determining the energy level athletes was 90% of cases.

Eri is an analytical and therapeutic system that in my opinion can be used for medical checkups especially in the differential diagnostic assesses. When a positive result is worth immediate treatment of the patient and monitoring the effectiveness of treatment subsequent examination that is easily feasible. When the results are challenging, it is advisable to re-checked the findings, using classical medical examination techniques. Eri in essence is a tool that records the background energy emissions of atoms and molecules which in its turn reflect on functional changes in real time. In my opinion, it is one of the advanced technologies available for use in medical science. It should be widely  accepted in medical community.