Dr. med. Folker K. Meißner

 Dr. med. Folker K. Meißner


I use Eri system in my practice for Integrative medicine different energy and information medical devices that are based on different technologies. When it comes, generally to obtain concrete evidence of existing diseases and their backgrounds or covert interference in the systems of people, I prefer the Eri system.

In it set a two years and have therefore not only examines several hundred patients but consistently integrates the compensation possibilities of the system in the respective therapies. Unlike “Radionic” or other systems that the information field of the people as the source. Target their results draw upon the Eri system uses physically concretely measurable areas of the background electric fields of the body, in this case, the fields that are generated by electrons. By a spectral analysis of the electron beams detected in the system in real-time changes in the signal structure, and can be calculated by comparison with so-called clusters in very large databases are present in subsystems deviations from normal state.

Also the backgrounds for diseases can be very elegantly captured in this way and thus sustainably included in the therapy. It is, for. As possible to find out the relationship between a depressive phase and a non totally exceeded standenen fungal disease of the pancreatic duct or concrete mental dysfunctions to identify a possible cause of chronic joint symptoms. The examination itself takes about 1 minute including calibration and provides an enormous amount of well-structured data. carried out substantial parts of the data analysis automated, so in a very short time with concrete results the Eri system presents imbalances and their causes and reasons that are immediately and directly therapeutically usable thanks to the implemented communication. The deeper the further question (z. B. with toxins or pathogens) is, the more the therapist can control the evaluation process.

I recommend the system to all therapists who do not want the simple cause-effect philosophy append but capture by complex multi-dimensional analysis the real essence of their patients of the disease and make the therapies as sustainable as possible.