Pavel Babal MD

Eri (Complex Medical Expert) - personal experience

I have been using the Eri system for over 1.5 years to test its abilities and functions. I work at a university base as pathologist and have examined and treated with the Eri technology over 250 patients with various diseases and of different age. This activity has no connection to my professional position at the Comenius University

The program implemented in the apparatus is easy to learn how to operate. It enables to make diagnostics of all organs and tissues of the organism. The program structure delivers the relations leading lo the causative basis of the pathological process.

Principle of Eri system is based on capturing of the biological data through the background electrical field emitted by an organism. The system works only with the electric component of the electromagnetic field produced by organs, tissues, molecules and atoms comprised in the organism. The scanning/recording takes 30 seconds, which is a time sufficient to register the dynamic changes of the electric field produced by the organism. The software application of the Eri is able to extract the particular "profiles" belonging to different structures of the organism. Standard profiles of tissues and molecules are compared with those actually recorded of the investigated individual. Uncovered differences are giving the analytical output. In addition, the established difference between the analyzed profile belonging to the particular structure under normal and recorded pathological conditions can be used for “therapeutic” compensation of the electric field deviation by emitting of calculated, adjusted electric field with opposite polarity to the registered deviation. The adjusted compensational field is emitted until the energetic deviation is eliminated at which time, the process is automatically switched off.

The principle of the Eri system is recording and analyzing of the body’s omitted background electric field. This field undergoes permanent dynamic changes, thus two consecutive scans will never be identical. The consecutive profiles agree approximately in 70-80%. Interpretation and evaluation of the findings require an experienced person with preferably medical education. The evaluation is made with parallel communication with the patient. Good clinical history helps to speed up and to make the diagnostic process faster and more accurate. The Eri system based on electron spin energetic fields distinguishes physiological and pathological processes. These later attributed to two possible qualities - inflammation or degeneration.

Eri is not one of the "miraculous" magic methods that will give you a list of diagnoses after 30 second measurement. It is a "doctor’s help" providing a quick differential diagnostics of functional and morphological changes in a given time. One of the great advantages of Eri is the ability to register changes that are in development and will become clinically apparent much later. ln my limited experience with the Eri system I was able to make a number of diagnoses that have been confirmed by other methods.

Application of compensation therapy brought in many of the patients a dramatic improvement of the functional and physical status. The digitalised scan file is easy to store for retrospective analyses, correlation with other investigations results, for off-line analyses or consultations with another expert. Eri is a new technology that opens a new medical field of “physical-mathematical” medicine representing a new situation to be evaluated and accepted by the medical community.

prof. Pavel Babal MD, PhD., PComenius University in Bratislava, FACULTY OF MEDICINE