Tinnitus - Eri testimonial - Daniel M.


It is with great pleasure I report on my successful experience with Eri system.


I am 21 years young and for about a year I suffered from an unpleasant ringing in the ears.

I went to see an ear doctor and was told that this condition is called “tinnitus.”


This ringing in the ears happened at the worst possible time when I was very busy studying and working.

I was also told that this condition is medically incurable.


I have felt, the sense of lose of quality of life.

I tried to ignore the sound but it didn’t work.


With time the ringing became stronger and I felt that a lot of stress at work and some family problems only served to worsen my condition.

It went into a vicious circle; stressful situations triggered the volume of ringing.

This state is hardly imaginable to a person who did not experience such condition.

My mental health was challenged as well, because the ringing would drive me crazy.


So I began my desperate search for help.

I've thoroughly investigated the topic of tinnitus and sought consultations with many specialist dealing with this kind of problems.

Just by a chance I stumble upon a specialist who used this innovative sounding Eri system in his practice.

Any possible assistance was welcomed, so with cautious hopefulness I went for an appointment.


This was the best decision I have ever made and will not regret it for the rest of my life!


During just one-hour I underwent a Eri analysis and compensation.

This compensation procedure had put me to sleep.

During the compensation I felt a science of great relief.


When I woke up the next morning, the signs of tinnitus were almost imperceptible.

The ringing subsided in its volume and I could once again enjoy almost forgotten quality of life.


During the next month I went for a few more sessions with the Eri practitioner and now I am happy to report that my tinnitus is under control.

It was unbelievable transformation and I am amazed to this day of what this device, operated by the knowledgeable person, could do.


Thank you!

Daniel M.